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Introduction to Katalon Studio

Introduction to Katalon Studio

“Simple yet powerful Automation tool”.

Katalon Studio is a web and mobile app automation testing tool and it is completely free. It is based on Selenium and uses Groovy, a scripting language built on top of Java for writing automation script.

It has the simple deployment method with all the frameworks and integrated Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) in a single package. It is very user friendly, thanks to its simple UI, which makes it easy for all the beginners and advanced users in the automation field. Katalon Studio provides all the features for web and mobile testing which includes Record feature for creating automation script and writing automation script manually.

Katalon Studio is the best tool for anyone who wants to go in the automation field or start career as a automation tester, It can be really helpful to learn automation testing. It is almost same as the other Automation testing tools like TestComplete, TestingWhiz or QTP(HP UFT), but the main advantage of using Katalon Studio is that, it is completely cost free compared to others.


  • Record and Playback features.
  • Web,Mobile and Web service testing all together in one tool.
  • Run multiple tests at once as a Test Suite.
  • Test Suite Report Generation.
  • Spy Web feature for storing all the object locators.
  • Jira integration
  • Supports Data-driven testing
  • Git integration for source code management and sharing
  • Premium features of QTP-like UI/Object recognition to a completely free automation tool- You can add multiple properties to recognize an object and not have to choose/guess which locator works best.


  • It is free of cost.
  • It can automate the object whose locators/id are unable to find, through Image click feature.It will check the appearance of the image and if match found, it will interact with the image accordingly and perform all the actions.
  • Reduces effort and time.
  • It can easily read and use testdata from excel file, directly in the testcases.
  • It allows us to create custom Test objects, keywords and checkpoints
  • Generates report after the test suite execution.



    • Install Java
    • Katalon Studio is available for free, supporting both Windows and Mac. Visit the Katalon Studio website to download the latest version.
    • To start Katalon Studio, double-click on the katalon.exe (Microsoft Windows) or katalon (Mac) file in the directory where you unpack Katalon Studio. For example:

After launching Katalon Studio, provide your registered username and password to activate your Katalon Studio. The username and password are the same as the ones you created when registering and downloading Katalon Studio from https://www.katalon.com/.
Ways to Write Automation Script

(1)Record and Playback

(2)Script with Keywords

(3)Manual Script writing

Report Generation


  • Katalon Studio provides many alternative which were till now difficult to achieve with the Selenium webdriver, for which Java language knowledge was mandatory. But with this tool, you can easily automate the difficult things which do not have any locators, with just defining one custom object locator.
  • It helps to automate the websites easily and time consuming is also less. It allows to define custom keywords which helps to improve the scripts.
  • With Data driven testing, You can just upload the Excel file with the test data and use it in the script directly, so that your script is maintained easily and properly.

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