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The Client had a business of developing solutions online and offline in direct marketing, interactive marketing, and sales promotion. Launch Project

About the Project

The Client had a business of developing solutions online and offline in direct marketing, interactive marketing and sales promotion. The client always tries to give much better quality of products to its customers and his business has been high rank by various magazines. The client has more than 10000 employees, distributed over the 25 countries.

Business Need

The client marketing group wants to increase their overall working efficiency and managing work in proper ways with less business risk.


In earlier times work was done through sending the E-Mails and Excel files for approvals and other business process was done through the same line. If any manager wants to view information on particular event marketing then they had to waste there lots of time and money.

No Ready Results: If any manager wants to know about the current/latest marketing results then he needs to go to each individual event head then he can collect the information and this was very difficult as numbers of events are running in business. For this they need to have proper track of information.
Time Consuming: As work was done manually through E-Mails and Excels files, that result in spending more business hours that was no good. Even any member was unable to find out the information at central level.
Data Duplication: Due to wide working space and old system of working, the same data got repeated over and over since users found it hard to track of various events.
Security Issues: To maintain the security of documents was now difficult through the approvals of E-Mails and Excel files.
Report Cost: In earlier times it was very difficult to go through the documents, search information and many man hours and recourses are required to use for this. All this will result in the adding cost to reports.

After referring to the above challenges and requirement of having “ Marketing Collaboration site “, Alfresco Share (Collaboration) was chosen to develop the Event Marketing Management System.


The Event Marketing Management System has the following features:

For each event marketing now there would be the separate region, progression stage and user access level
Now all marketing information will be centralized. There will be centralized collaboration features for all system users with features like discussion, announcements, library, calendar, links etc. for the events and activities.
It will give the required information in no time; with use of this we can get the information as per required financial year, past data, present data and future marketing goals.
Manager will now able to easily collect the event marketing information, now there is no need to go to the individual event marketing head of each event.
Other marketing documents can be easily managed through it and security issues were solved.
As different information is divided in proper areas there is no further chance of data duplication.
Add no further cost to the report, employees were now able to search the documents and complete their work in less time.
Transparency in working system, as it provides the email notification, continuous tracking, handling the bottleneck situation properly and accelerating the business decisions.


With the use of alfresco share development the client have achieved following benefits:

Event Marketing Management System has resulted in increasing efficiency and reduce the cost.
Now the new the new event marketing sites for different proposals can be created in no time which will further result in 90% reduction in time and cost.
Previously there was a need to create the each event marketing site for separate marketing which was costing around 2 million per year
Now due to Event Marketing Management Systems all the information is centralized we can now search very fast and easily even we can use the past and previously information for the similar purposes.
This development has the capability of centralizing the 300 GB of data, so now work can be done in great manner and all will save the unneeded business hours.
Cost , very much effective:
Saves USD 1.8 million each year.
70% cost reduction.
In a nutshell

Alfresco Share based Event Marketing Management System site allows the client to get the ready result of every marketing events that to in less time, which was very hard further and better security of documents will better proofs. All this result in the savings of USD 1.8 million each year.


Alfresco Share 4.1.4
MySQL 5.5