Cricket Merchant




It is online sports goods store. Launch Project:

About the Project:

Cricket Merchant is an online shopping store for various cricket products formed in 2007.
It contains around 800 of various crickets’ products to choose from.
It retails the leading brands in sports equipment, accessories, apparel, footwear and more.
It allows you to order 24*7, 365 days at the very best and competitive rates, with convenience of top sports Brands being home delivered to you at any location around the globe.
One can create an Account at Cricket Merchant to purchase the products, they can also select the shipping address and track their orders.
One can add the products to their wish list, also there are option to compare the selected products with other similar options
On the front page of the web site you can see the photos of exciting offers from Cricket Merchant, new arrived products etc.
One can directly integrate Cricket Merchant to their social sites such as Facebook, twitter, google+ etc.
There is an option at the site to place question and reviews.
There are videos for the reviews, through which one can get the more details

Technical Details:

JavaScript framework: jQuery , Ajax
E-commerce platform : Magento
Methodology of development : Scrum-Agile
Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Amazon integration
Google analytics, Google base (Google Shopping), Google API for Google integration

This is the best way to increase the organization sales turnover in very short time, as it is widely spread in the globe and 24*7 open to all customers, so there is chance to meet more numbers of customers, so more revenue can be generated through it.
No need of storing hard stocks to stores more, as it converted in to the images, no need to purchase land for business or to pay high rents of shops, no matter how many products are there all will be well set in terms of images through this system.
It saves more time of both dealers and customers; one can buy the goods even by sitting at their home.
Changes can be made in short times, in physical stores if you want to change the price of good then it’s very difficult you have to sit with all your stock and go no changing the stickers on that, but same is not in this process. Dealer can change the price of products at any time without doing any hard work due to this process.
No more cost will be incurred on recruiting the staff. Online stores require less employees then Physical stores.
Using your online shop as a catalogue for existing customers.
Helps you to enter in competitive market.
Lower marketing cost, cost to send a marketing message by e-mail to 1,000 customers less than the cost to send 1,000 newsletters by post.
Improved customer profiling, with the opportunity to target products and services at specific groups based on buying data.
Help organization to provide better services to their customers, as it allows the comparison of various products, and reviews of others customers regarding the usage of the products, delivery process as it is on time or not and many other related questions.