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It helps to file the details online, also the various authentication can be made online. Better it helps to generate the documents which carry a legal form. Launch Project

About the Project:

Here individual can registered and file their new cases or papers on the current cases.
Electronic Filing system will make some upfront validations like missing Signatures, missing contents, document dimensions and size to prevent the rejection later on.
Reviewer can review the document online and apply electronic stamps and acceptance.
E-Filer gets the on time notification regarding the filings.
E-Filer can pay required filing fees and online and download the documents.
The document generated is a legal document, and individual can have this document as a legal proof.
Technical Details:

The project is developed using open source technology stack. The interaction with other systems is NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) compliant and adheres to current federal standards suggested on
The client side components were developed using JSF 2.2 (java server faces).
The middleware is built using Spring Framework (3.2.11).
Application is hosted under JBoss Application Server 7.
Business benefits:

Immediate filing of the case and documents in most instances.
Significant reduction in the time of case filing and related activities.
Less time consumption which leads to revenue generation for the Court: As cases are filed online , court will see reduce traffic to the court, so it stands time saver for court and individuals , and court can generate more revenue in this time saved hours.
Electronic filer saves the trip to the court will save money and time for transportation.
Less maintenance cost: Organization maintenance cost will be less, as working process is done online, there will no cost on document record keeping and no space or area is required to store big data. All data and documents will be maintained in small devises.
Proper accounting process: As the payment is collected online so it will have proper records of date, amount and from whom payment is received, in manual there are certain errors regarding receipt of payment and amount of payment collected. This will lead to proper accounting as all details are available in proper ways.