With these web services, you can search for airline tickets, bus tickets, car rent, hotels, cruises and package deals to anywhere in the world. In this site, there is the list of hotels.

Online travel sites are taking the place of traditional travel agencies. With these web services, you can search for airline tickets, bus tickets, car rent, hotels, cruises and package deals to anywhere in the world. This is a much more direct and convenient way to book multiple reservations than working through a travel agent or contacting airlines, hotels, and rental agencies independently.
It gives you the various types of deals with your comfort, you just have to enter the dates of travel it will furnish you the list of airline or buses or hotels available for that selected particular dates.
You can even compare the travel deal which you have selected with other travel deals so that you can have the best deal one out of them.
It allows you to view the images of the place which you are planning for (i.e. if you want to stay in London then it will show you the hotels and rooms available in your selected area), so that you can have the actual idea of the same, it will help you to take the decision in much better ways.
It has Google map of various hotels in the world, where you can view the exact place and surrounding areas, also helps to find the ways to reach the destinations.
In this site, there is the list of hotels. When you click on the hotels it will directly take you to the hotel page where you can view the full description about the same.
There is a search option, where one can just enter the area desired and then they can have the numbers of deals related to that area.
It has the area where members can attach the opinions or reviews about the deals. Through this, one can read the reviews of the various deals they can have the good reference of the same.
Individual can become the member at the travel sites by entering their E-Mail address and password. After becoming the member, they will receive the notifications of various deals or packages through E-Mails.

Technical Details:

IBM WebSphere 8.0.MySQL 5.0
Apache Struts 2.3
CSS/HTML, Wireframes
Apache 2.2
MS Project 2007/2003
MS Visio 2007/2003
Macromedia 8.0 (Dreamweaver and Fireworks)
MS Office Suite 2007/2003: (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
Adobe Illustrator CS2

Business benefits:

The basic drawback of running online travel business is that you can have the more customer interaction and 24*7 businesses. It helps to achieve the target of expanding business over the globe; this will result in more revenue generation as business will achieve the International Level.
Zero Commissions, Save 15% to 25% on commissions you pay to travel agents, travel portals etc.
Increases direct sales, as your guests enjoy the convenience of a one-stop availability check at your website, instant purchase and auto-generated email confirmation
Make sales immediately without time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your hotel reservations staff.
Due to the power of internet which is now spreadin the globe, one can run the travel business online very smoothly, now there is no need to pay high rent for the business place or to invest money of purchasing the business place.These will be the cost saving approach.
One can have the international level of business and also have the competition with other International businesses.
With this business which has the feature of comparing different traveling packages, one can submit the better options to the customer for travel, so the customer satisfaction level will also increase.
There is a review section in this site where the member those who have use this services can write there reviews, so due to this it will helpful for the individual person to read about the business and if the reviews are favorable then business can built the good impression in individual minds.
Customer finds it easy as it contains the Google map and the search option of various places, this was not so with earlier business practice.