Redefine Educational Service

Previously when there is a change in school management system , there are new modifications in workflow from the new management side, due to which it was difficult to handle the educational work.

About the Project:

It allows the school. Colleges and other institutions to manage the overall education process in their respective work patterns and languages.
Students, teachers, parents and employees of the institution will find easy to work with educational services on daily basis.
From admission of the student to completion of education all the details are recorded in educational service.
It allows to create the separate accounts for the parents and students, by which account user can view any information from anywhere in the world.
There will be other accounts for the teaching staff and non-teaching staff. Teacher can upload the information about the required students and clerks can upload the information of fees and other Institution management details.
It provides the graphical analysis of student performance. Questions about what is the growth of the specific student in particular month/quarter/year/from joining, detail information of all such question can be available in different graph patterns.
It provides the uploading of the modules at regular intervals. By this the students can view and read the module information from anywhere.
It allows the institution to upload the videos on various educational topics.
Exam schedules and examination reports can be managed easily.

Technical Details:

JDK 1.7
Spring MVC
Business benefits:

Faster work process: Due to such educational service the work process at the different educational institute has become very fast. No time will incur in recording information in the registered and reviewing the same, as all things are now in the web place.
No need to keep further hard copies records of the students details. Information like the fee payments, results, progress cards can be reviewed at any time by the superiors at web places. It will save stationery and storage places.
The institute is now able to pass the better quality of education than ever before to their students by the video classes and other share information.
Generate more revenue: Parents always demand such education institute which gives them the proper and timely progress report of their children’s. As this service allows all such features there would be more demand of such institute using this service.
Very simple: anyone with the basic knowledge of computer can use such services.
Reduce the clerk office cost and will provide the better detail reports on finance.
Favorable for reports on demand: This service is such qualified that it generates the reports on any demanded documents, that too in no time. Previously the practice was somebody has to sit and write prepare the documents, It consumes lots of hours.