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As the volume, velocity, and variety of big data continue to increase, so do the opportunities for creating new applications for big data.

Java developers are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity because so many of the tools for big data are built on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Our experience in Big Data technologies such as stream processing, in-memory computing and batch processing have resulted into faster storage and data processing for organizations.

Many Big Data applications and technology components are written in Java. Java has inherent limitations that can prevent enterprises from optimizing performance and utilizing large in-memory datasets. Companies attempt to work around these latency, scalability and memory size issues by using separate caching systems or analyzing a subset of available data. However, this affects the quality and timeliness of business decisions and even reduces revenue. Our Java Big Data experts can help you to:

  • Hold massive datasets in-memory and reduce or eliminate the need for extra caching or data grid applications
  • Increase scalability and support larger Hadoop clusters
  • Optimize performance and deliver high sustained throughput
  • Lower latency for faster processing of massive datasets
  • Run reports using more live data with faster results
  • Support multiple users running simultaneous queries