To be a market leader in today’s manufacturing industry, innovation and rapid response to customer demands are vital. Operational excellence, Process Improvement, Digitization, and Analytics are key for sustainable grown in this quickly changing global environment.


Over 70% of the small and mid-size manufacturing industries can achieve this by making small enhancements to their current software and IT infrastructure. There is no investment required in buying new software/hardware, which adds to the cost and puts the business at risk.


Techforce is helping manufacturers tackle challenges with reliable solutions, created specifically for the industry. Our team of solution experts enable you react faster to variable market demands, predict operational issues and streamline manufacturing performance overall with one single source of live information.


How will Techforce will make the difference?


Our technologic agnostic approach helps you build on the top of your current IT infrastructure to enable you develop new generation solutions.

Techforce consultants are chosen for their long-term manufacturing experience, solution-focused attitude and excellent customer relationship skills. This wealth of skill and knowledge from our consultants results in faster, more suitable solutions being developed which are highly customized to your company’s need.

The advanced level of training and quality maintained throughout by Techforce ensures project delivery is executed on time, to budget and above industry standards.

Creating a sustainable solution configured to take maximum advantage of your investment is our ultimate goal.


Key Benefits

  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Reduce development costs and risks
  • Enhance quality of applications, development processes, and tool
  • Achieve faster time to market with shorter development cycles
  • Strengthen ability to meet service-level commitments
  • Faster time to market for applications
  • Leverage proven industry best practices, methodology, patterns, and frameworks


Some of our key services include:


Stabilizing Business Operations
✔ Product/Platform Maintenance & Support
✔ Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Improving Predictability and Time to market
✔ Digitization
✔ Infrastructure Support
Increasing Productivity & Efficiency
✔ Process improvement
✔ Automation
✔ Transformation
✔ Business Intelligence
Lowering the Cost of Ownership
✔ Cost Optimization
✔ Enterprise Development & Support
✔ Third party testing
✔ Infrastructure support