Retail Industry Trends in 2010/2020

In 21st Century, Retail is undergoing a massive change. Not only big firms, smaller/even 1-roof shops are transforming at par.

Digitization is everywhere. Question is up to what extent your shop has adopted? For Sales purpose. For automation purpose.

Bringing in technologies to your retail store is essential.


What is changing?

✔ Buying habits of customers

✔ Selling methods, that is, via Internet/E-commerce instead in-store

✔ Communication device

✔ Opportunities, online marketing, a newer way

✔ Consumer Ecosystem

✔ Competition level

“In 2017 almost 59% of ecommerce sales occurred via mobile” (eMarketer)


Where you stand?

Still using a plain text website? What about CMS, CRM, Logistics, Business Analytics, Payment Gateways etc.

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Do you use “Chatbots” that provides Free 24×7 support?


Do you provide “VR “(Virtual Reality) features to customers, that is
✔ 3 dimension view of real products
✔ Touchscreen showrooms
✔ Product catalogs


Key Benefits

✔ Agile Business
✔ Handle pipelines, don’t miss anything
✔ Process more orders
✔ Increase customer retaining
✔ Business Intelligence


How Techforce will Help You Out perform in Retail/E-commerce


Get, for your, small/micro / tiny size business
✔ Design, Development & Support
✔ 100% Security & IP protection
✔ End-To-End Ecommerce
✔ Shipping-Coupons-Delivery-Payment options
✔ Connected portal, mobile app & ERP
With plethora of data on hand, know
✔ who are nearer competitors
✔ prospects/buyers & their regions
✔ their pricing
✔ average sales figures in industry
✔ target audience statistics
Get Retail Software for
✔ Real Estate Agency
✔ Travel & Tourism
✔ Gifts Shop
✔ Healthcare system
✔ Stock-broking Application
✔ Restaurant
✔ And just any vertical.
✔ Enterprise-grade facilities, for micro size business. Really.
Our retail Industry services
✔ Retail Software/ERP/Website Development
✔ Retail Consulting
✔ Integration with 3rd party API
✔ Retail Mobility Solutions
✔ POS & Mobile kiosks
✔ In-store promotion with BLE Beacon, IoT
✔ M-commerce & Mobile Wallets
✔ Omnichannel Retail Solutions